Google Analytics ‘Not Provided’ – The Future For SEO Keywords

If you’ve been looking at your keyword data in Google analytics, you will of course be aware of the frustrating ‘not provided’ section. Sadly it’s becoming much more dominant in terms of percentage and we suspect the future outlook is bleak; with all keywords being hidden from SEO professionals. Google’s decision not to display this data could be more detrimental than either the Penguin or Panda updates were. Many websites suffered terribly when these updates were rolled out, many of which have still not fully recovered.

How will this affect how you do your SEO in future?

Accepting that keyword data will be going for good is a start. Try to ascertain the best approach to this new playing field; delve deeper into page metrics and performance to see what the real driving force of your website revenue and conversion is.

Are keywords still important?

Absolutely! Keyword searches are what users type to find things, unless something really radical in search happens I don’t see that changing. You will still optimize your pages for key phrases and monitor your page rankings, if you can see you rank well for a term you optimized on, then there’s a good chance that’s the keyword that’s driving your traffic for that landing page.

What other methods and tools can be deployed to get around the ‘not provided’ issue?

Google Webmasters is a good place to start but has its limitations. You can’t compare years, nor can you access data more than two months old. However there is additional information provided which isn’t in your analytics, so it’s well worth looking. There is also useful data on video, image and mobile search too. Google Core reporting API is another useful tool for getting the data into Excel to extrapolate your data.

What is the impact in terms of reporting?

Anyone who has used an SEO agency knows that keyword rankings dominate the reports so this will affect reporting immensely. Clients will need to be educated and convinced that it’s due to the SEO team’s efforts in writing, syndicating content and social media that is actually driving the traffic.


Content is king, as we all now know, and this change validates that strategy now more than ever. Writing great and compelling content will not only improve your rankings, it will force marketers to be more creative and produce better websites. I can see why Google has made this decision, but I will sorely miss having access to my keyword data.

How To Build Your Own Software Without Programming Skills

When it is about programming you really have to choose from two roads. You will either study a lot, for years, in order to acquire programming skills, or you will choose the “easy” road with which you can create your own software without any programming skill!

If you follow the hard road you have to have it in you. You will need to study a lot and expand your talent which God has provide to you. You will need years of patience and testing your powers. Your experience will grow as time goes by and your actual programming skills will start to become live through you. The down side is that, this will take time and as I said, you have to have it in you. The benefits for you will be great though especially at a later stage of your life. That is, of you are still a young person.

The “easy” road, if you really want to become a programmer in such way, has two small and easier roads from which you are supposed to choose from. You will either use a software generator to create your software or you will hire a professional programmer to do the job. For both of these small roads you have to invest money but in the case of hiring a programmer you will need a significant amount of money.

If you want to choose a software generator then you must choose wisely. You will find literally thousands of these generators online. They will promise you a lot. The truth is, these tools let you create and sell your own profitable software products. without any programming skills. No need to spend thousands of dollars to hire programmers or waste your time learning a scripting language. But what kind of software will you create? That’s another story. What kind of features will it include, how user-friendly will it be, will it do the work that it was created for…

Why You Need an Online Site Builder

If you have decided to create a website either for personal or business use, one of the many options that you have in set it up is through the use of an online site builder. This is a very useful tool that normally comes with your hosting plan.

An online site builder is like a wizard that walks you through creating a website in a step-by-step manner. After completing the wizard, it is guaranteed you will come up with a very impressive output. This also means that your site could go live in just a few minutes after signing up to your hosting account and adding your domain.

If you want to create a website fast and easy, then it is strongly suggested that you use an online site builder as provided by your hosting service. This is your most practical choice, especially if you dont have any idea about using Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage in the first place.

Whats more, building a website with an offline software like the ones stated above means that you have to upload the files or individual pages that you have created on your computer into the hosting server. You must have adequate knowledge about FTP or how to transfer files to your hosts server for your website to go live. With an online site builder, the need to do just that is eliminated. The pages you have created already reside on your web hosts disks, which is indeed very convenient.

Whats more, you have several options for a website template to use. Some hosting providers include flash-based templates as a choice. Having a professional-looking website is possible even for a newbie or a part-time webmaster like you. Building a website would require time and effort.

But all of these are eliminated by an online site builder. You only need 10 to 30 minutes to go through the wizard and your website will be up and running. You only need to focus on creating your content, instead of spending lots of time working on the layout of your site.

Whats more the stand-alone software for use in creating a website doesnt come cheap. Youve got to invest on them too, on top of spending hours learning about how it works and how to be a skilled webmaster.

Even experienced webmasters may also consider using an online site builder. They could prefer this option if they have hundreds of sites to create and maintain but only have limited time in doing so. Online site builders are very useful tools. It can transform anybody from a regular web creator to a professional web designer in an instant.

Creating A Positive Image Using Affordable Seo Services From A Firm In India

Creating a positive image using affordable SEO services from a firm in India

How can you benefit from cheap SEO services while still using any firm from India that promises to build a positive campaign for your product or product lines? One of the tricks of a successful Indian Online marketing firm that offers affordable SEO services is to use social media. It may not be new, but; how can using Facebook, help create a positive image for that product or service you are promoting?

How can a SEO firm assist you in creating a positive product image? One of the first things an SEO company will do is create new keywords to describe your product. The firm may have its experts assist you in writing a new product description and changing the color or look of the finished product or service, while still offering you affordable SEO services.

How can utilizing cheap SEO services and having regular articles help an image?

When looking to improve brand image, please keep in mind that an Indian firm may offer cheap SEO services. This, however, does not mean the firm does not offer affordable SEO services. SEO experts may suggest using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. These are great SEO tools and should be utilized fully in order to bring in another type of traffic to your site.

Relying on affordable SEO services so a business owner can concentrate on business

By hiring a team of experts, a business owner can leave the up and down monitoring to professionals. This way, their SEO experts can be on top of the entire progression for the optimization of the website.

By having a professional to handle daily the day-to-day SEO services and guest posts, this allows a professional businessman to concentrate on the business more and provide better customer service to clients. This also allows the owner the time to fix production problems and closely watch production costs. With an expert from a Indian SEO firm handling online website activity, a business owner can devote more to solving customer problems overall and not worry whether the affordable SEO services are effective or not.

About Ruby On Rails Programming Language

Ruby on Rails is deemed today as a momentous revolution in the computer programming language. Quite many people are not aware of the cat that ROR is the short form of Ruby on Rails. Considered as the lightening fast programming language available today, it is highly useful to learn the basic facts about this software.

Ruby on Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in the year 2003. As on today, the core team of Ruby on rails consists of more than 1500 contributors who are sparing a commendable work in introducing wonderful features into this highly sought after programme.

Ruby on rails is highly useful in developing a website much faster with great ease. ROR can be understood as a very interesting framework that has found its implementation in almost all the web solutions evolved today.

Popular websites including Base Camp, Penny Arcade, Urban Dictionary, Crunch Base, Scribed, XING Github, Hulu, Spice works, Twitter, and have employed ruby on rails to innovate a number of amazing features in their websites.

There are a number of factors that distinguish ruby on rails from other programming languages including the following:

1. ROR can help performing web applications within a few days.

2. ROR is dynamic, commanding and wistful

3. ROR is an object-oriented language for programming

4. ROR can at once support multiple programming paradigms

5. ROR is much easier to write than shell scripts

6. ROR features vast number of plug-ins

7. It is very easy to develop a query with ROR

ROR can complete a web Website Design Companies Bangalore programming within a few days which would otherwise require months to complete using other programming languages. This is because of the rapid phased easy development strategies and user friendly features forming part of ROR.

You can consult twitter to Web Designing Companies update your knowledge about ROR. Also,, the official website of the programme can help the starters gain a comfortable insight into the fundamental concepts of ROR.

Web Hosting Server Always Brings The Snare Hosting Website Subsidize Up And Continuous Smoothly.

A a-ok web hosting server always brings the snare hosting website subsidize up and continuous smoothly. In place of this, they either be dressed the web hosting server intend the hosting servers in all set which is an strikingly server when the main server goes down. Their hosting servers’ fellow forward shaft is also kindly and eagerly at to arrange the error.

There are many advantages to hosting servers a site on a web hosting server that is dedicated to your website. Entire advantage is that you have a greater situation of control. In estimate having more net margin as superbly as bandwidth dedicated to yourself means that you can assembly servers pat a larger amount of traffic. Response times are faster and if you exceptionally are in a business where you are earning several thousand dollars on the internet in a year or if your offline business is remarkably philanthropic, it makes feel something in one’s bones to emcee your website on your own server.

settle upon your web hosting servers to crowd your neighbourhood and mat-riel and more. In adding web hosting server together if a consequential impale in your plat conveyance has resulted in leaden-footed loading, it is time to go fitting for a dedicated hosting servers. Remote hosting servers configuration is achievable with dedicated web hosting server. There are diverse reasons exchange for websites with relevant above and earnings to opt for dedicated servers. However it should be remembered that race your own dedicated servers requires knowledge. If you wish you can opt through despite managed dedicated servers.

Entanglement hosting is a entirely adjustable and fictile operating system. Web hosting server businesses bump into chase in a lively creation and divers changes are wanted to be made to the website duration and again. Thus, it is substantial to hosting servers prefer an operating method which is hands down changeable and flexible. With Linux, you can easily replacement your website according to your requirements. Also, a Linux website can readily be converted into a Windows website so the users comprise an open pick in this regard.

Hostings server also allows registration and payment hosting benefits such as download of a sprinkling files at once, uncontrolled download speed, crucial downloads and the facility to suspend and re-start downloads. The hostings server can of worms is that there is no unified

Church Websites That Bring in Visitors

Affordable Web Hosting 4U, with reliable web hosting tips for small business and churches”>Having a church website site is one thing. Getting traffic will mean marketing it to the target audience in order to get visitors on a regular basis. How do you do this. Why do some church websites prosper and get visitors to their churches through them, while others just languish? Let’s go over a few words on optimizing your site:

First, you meed to get many back links which will boost your site in Google, which will account for over ninety percent of your traffic. The key is to get sites with high page rank to link to yours. You can accomplish this by submitting your site to niche specific directories for Christian ministries and churches, or just exchanging links with other churches.

Secondly, know what Christian keywords your audience will be searching for, and right rich content about them, which both the search engines and visitors will love. Just make sure it’s original content or you may black balled by google for this.

Third, page titles are most important, and should therefore all be unique and keyword rich.The will encourage the search engines like Yahoo and Google to index more pages of your church website.

Finally, there are a number of ways to grow your site. Just research all the tricks on the numerous webmaster forums and take what sounds good. or makes sense. Remember, the more effort you put in, the greater benefits for your church website, and ultimately your church attendance. Follow the above tips and you will succeed in the long run.

David Butler, the author of this article, is a Christian businessman, and has a web site, Affordable Web Hosting 4U, with reliable web hosting tips for small business and churches

Web Hosting Made Simple With These Informative Tips

You have probably heard of the term web hosting before, but you have no clue on what it means. Simply put, web hosting is a service that lets people make their website. If you want to know how you can benefit from web hosting, then continue to read this article!

Read all of the fine print before signing on with your prospective web hosting company. Their advertised rates don’t always include some of the sneakier service fees. Things like set up charges, hidden fees and penalties if the length of the contract is not honored could really add up for you if you are not careful.ul.

Find a host that gives discounts for multiple years if you think that you’ll want the same host for that long. You could save a lot of money.

Be cautious, so that you don’t end up getting scammed and having to pay hidden costs. Many providers won’t disclose extra fees up front. For this reason, it is wise to find out what is included in your hosting plan and which features you require. Your best bet is to select a plan which has all the features you will require, but at a price you can afford to pay.

Cheap web hosts are often more trouble than they’re worth. A cheap one may be tempting, but they may be cheap for a particular reason. Either their business model is questionable, or they cut corners in a manner that will have a negative impact on you, as well as on your website.

Once you choose a web host, pay monthly instead of a lump sum payment. Consider monthly payments – what if you need to cancel service sometime down the road? If you do choose to make a lump payment and decide at some point in the future to switch providers, you might not receive a refund.

Is free web hosting something you’ve been contemplating? Be sure to make backups of anything you do not want to lose, as free hosts normally do not offer any kind of backup services. Keep in mind that the service is free, so there will probably not be any frills included. If your site goes down, loses a page, etc., you’re not going to get any help from your host.

Most of the applications and add-ons your host will offer will be useless to you, so don’t include them in your comparisons unless you have a concrete use for them already. Items like unlimited storage are not only useless, but also typically restricted by many hidden rules. Predominately, only the web host benefits from the selling of the add-ons, the user company does not.

The ideal web hosting service empowers you to create, maintain and share your website with others through use of a server. You should now be able to choose the best web host for your website.

Laziest Way To Get Web Site Targeted Traffic For Free And Instantly

Getting a massive traffic to their web sites is the major concern of most internet marketers. While getting massive traffic is important, getting the right and a site targeted traffic is of utmost importance.

To get the web site targeted traffic for free, you have to first know who your target audience are. If you still do not know exactly what is the niche market for your web site, marketing your web site and generating traffic is the last thing you should be worrying about. So, you must first establish your niche market. After that then you learn how to get traffic to your website.

After knowing your niche and the types of visitors you want for your site, you have multiple choices to attract traffic. For this, you can either choose a paid traffic or make use of the available free methods.

If you have budget to spend on traffic, you may go for pay per click program through providers like Google AdWords. That would enable your site to get substantial traffic targeted at the right audience. However, the major setback with such methods is that it will cost you a lot of money if that is the only method you use to build site targeted traffic.

If you have no or only limited budgets, you should learn how to generate traffic to your web site for free. Some internet marketers have never paid for traffic but yet, they manage to drive major traffic to their website. This is why knowing how to use the available free internet marketing traffic generation methods is important.

One of the easiest and simplest methods to generate free site targeted traffic is by having a web traffic website account. Such account enables you to get the right traffic easily and instantly. Most importantly, you can achieve that without paying any money and with very little effort.

Synapse Interactive A Leader Amongst Indian Seo Service Providers

Nowadays, almost every business has its own website. However, only having a website does not serve the purpose of a business. To attract millions of customers and benefit from an online identity, a website must attain top rankings in all major search engines. What will you do to gain significant positions in search engines? Search engine optimization services, obviously.

Search engine optimization services or SEO services are services that help websites to reach to the top pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. By making and implementing effective SEO processes and strategies, it is easier to make into top positions of search engine rankings.

SEO services: Processes and Services
SEO service includes an array of services in order to get desired rankings on search engines. Some of eth most well-known processes include keyword research, keyword analysis and optimization, URL submission, content optimization, directory submission, blogging, link building services, website optimization and more. In addition, there are some paid services that help in enhancing search engine rating thus, gaining better visibility and traffic as well.

Role of Synapse Interactive in offering quality SEO services:
Synapse Interactive is a leading company that offers affordable and result-oriented SEO services. The company has a remarkable experience of almost eight years in designing and developing customized SEO solutions for clients worldwide. The company employs a team of talented, dedicated and experienced SEO professionals who have expertise in creating solutions that work. By using our customized SEO solutions, you can easily get an impressive ranking in some of the prominent search engines used globally.

Besides offering solutions that can make a difference, we at Synapse Interactive provide useful consultancy on web designs so as to better optimization of website on desired search engines.

By approaching Synapse Interactive you can get only the bets and start reaping benefits right away.