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Riding The Fence

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by Sandy Elders


In the Bible, Christ speaks of choosing one side or another, and being worse off if we are lukewarm, never choose a side. However, society in the world today, no matter where you look, want you to ride the fence. They do not want anybody to take a side, whether right or wrong, teams should not be picked. Look at the political world for a moment and you will see exactly what I mean.

If somebody is pro-life, it is okay to be against abortion in most cases, but it is also okay to pick pro-life, if you still agree that abortion may be necessary for several reasons like the mother’s life being in danger, the baby being born with one illness or another, or if the child was conceived during a crime like rape. People who take the side of pro-choice are welcome and liked, it seems, but pro-life folks have to take a fence ride so that they can save face and side with pro-choice folks, in such cases as listed above; however, people need to get off the fence and into the game. The fence riders want their cake and to eat it too. Sorry, things just do not work that way.

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