Testimony, Even the Minor.

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by Sandy Elders


All Christians have a testimony to share. Not just of how they came to the saving knowledge of Christ, but in every day life and situations where God has an obvious role in our lives. One awesome thing is that God has taught me to see an attack by Satan, as just that, an attack. I know that likely sounds nuts to some people, but it is true. You may ask yourself and the computer what types of attacks I might be talking about, and I am all too happy to share.

I am constantly reminding myself of how Satan is the father of lies and deceit. It helps me to keep life in perspective and keeps me from placing blame in the wrong places. However, we must also remember that people are also responsible for their choices and choose sides whether it be God’s side or the other side. In remember that Satan has lying and deceit mastered, I am well capable of remember that he has many people at his disposal to use against me. I blame Satan first for his attack, and naturally, the other person is also at fault as well, for allowing themselves to be used by him to come against another person.

From minor instances of a mere argument with another person, to the awful impacts of accidents and illnesses, blame should first and foremost be placed upon Satan. The person who is causing or played the biggest role in the turmoil is not without fault. I feel that many Christians have allowed themselves to see things as good and bad with Satan leading the bad, but using that knowledge to disregard the fault of the other person, and even themselves in situations. The way we handle situations is not always good, and Satan definitely uses such things to his advantage and to gain leverage over the situation among people involved.

Satan loves turmoil, arguments, hatred, lies, and everything that is not good. So, he will certainly do his best to see himself in the midst of horrible situations. Christians are no exception to those who are used by Satan either. Think of an encounter with a Christian who has acted better than you because they believe they are an “adult” in their life and understanding of things as a Christian. Think of a time when you maybe disagreed with one belief or another and another Christian was rude, or acted like you did not know as much as they did. Do such encounters leave a bad taste in your mouth as far as other Christians go? I have to be quite honest, there are a few people, who claim to be born again Christians, who I believe need to do a lot more Bible study prior to telling me that I am wrong or need to grow up spiritually. Such encounters do make me not too happy. Others have acted very forcibly to non-Christians with brow beating them or trying to into forcing their beliefs onto the other person. Wrong actions like this often tend to drive people away from a relationship with Christ, not into a relationship with Christ.

I am drawn to our world at this point and placed in remembrance of the attitudes of some in our government. Many democrats have been acting like they know better for all of us than do we ourselves. Many act like we are a “collective”, rather than individuals, and they even say so. How many times in the last fifteen years have you heard the term “collective”, not to mention “the world” this, and “global” that. Arrogance is not something that God gives us as gifts and talents. Arrogance is not a good thing, so where does a “horty torty” attitude come from and the feeling that some may be better than others due to the size of a pay check or their status within society come from? I do not believe any of us can state that such an attitude was bestowed upon them by the one and only God, Alpha and Omega, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Instead, such attitudes come from the devil himself, honestly. Such pits other people against these people, but it also gives the arrogant and deceived a feeling of superiority to others. The only superior being that is above us all is God Almighty, who laid himself out to us in a trinity as God our Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He knows our hearts, always. He knows if we are truly just trying to defend ourselves or help someone else, or if we have a sense of “Ha, I am a Christian and you should be too”. Sure, Christians have something that non-Christians do not have. Eternal life is ours. It was given us through the sacrifice that Christ made on the Christ in dying for our sins, and Christ’s defeat of death upon his resurrection. Still, the way to win souls for the Lord is not by lording over others, acting like we are so much better than everybody, and certainly not by telling someone right off the jump that because they are not saved they are going to burn in hell. Yes, I have heard that said and was appalled that the non-Christian did not just slap the Christian in the face for such an attitude. I feel that kind of attitude would justify that action from others.

As far as testimony is concerned, our testimony is certainly of how we were saved by Christ and received him into our lives. What about daily testimonies? Well, I had a situation in the last couple of days that would make a great example. My best friend called me from Germany and we talked. She knows that they are not coming home for a few years still and that when they come back to the states they may be close enough for us to take a weekend trip to go and see, but that they could also still end up far enough away that we would not be able to see each other still. Bad news the devil loves because he can steal happiness and joy from people with it. After getting off the telephone I was still happy, even though disappointed that they are not coming back home. Later that same day, I got my bank statement that showed someone had used my bank card to purchase something for over a couple hundred dollars. Now, I was not happy. I called the bank and was assured everything would be fine. I found my happiness again. We went to the bank the next day, and upon my arrival, the money had already been returned to my bank, in full. God was looking after me and my family and taking care of us. No bank investigation was needed. I had to file a police report, and had to wait for a while on an officer to actually show up at the sheriff’s department to take a two minute report. Afterward, I was irritated from having to wait so long on the deputy to show up in order to take my statement, but still rather happy because I had my family with us and we had taken the boys out for pizza too. My car starting acting as if it were not getting any gas. It was going to cut off at any moment. Satan in all things he had brought against me had not been able to steal my happiness and joy. Now, happiness was starting to go out the window. I just wanted to go home and could not get there, no matter what. A little irony hit me though. I did not make it to the gas station in front of the grocery store, but I did make it into the parking lot of a Home Depot.

I do not support Home Depot or shot with them due to their support of gay marriage. I have sworn off anything to do with the store and have sent them e-mails and letters through the American Family Association online. However, from where I was, I could not walk all the way to Lowe’s and then back over to the gas station and back to the car. We went into the store, bought a gas can, that we had needed to buy anyway for awhile and just never had. My husband walked to the gas station and got gas. He came back and put the gas in the car. Apparently, and Thank the Lord, my gas gauge and gas light had not worked and my car was indeed almost completely out of gas. Running a car with fuel injection on it, will burn out the fuel injection system, which can be quite expensive to replace. God stopped me at Home Depot in order to keep me from burning up my fuel injection system on my car and in order to teach me the lesson I already knew, never say never. What did I do immediately upon trouble with my car, or in any of the other situations that I had faced in that two day time period? I prayed and allowed God to intervene and handle the situation. Problem? I had to realize that God does things in His way, not mine, and for His reasons, not my own. Something else many of us are not quick to get used to as human beings. However, that lesson is for a different discussion.

Just never forget, we are all in need of a relationship for Christ. Be mindful of how you respond to the unsaved, in order to be a beacon of light to them and to their soul. Make an impression that is good on their path. Pray for them and allow God to work within them and even through you. Be mindful of your attitude. And, share your testimonies with others. Acknowledge the huge things God does in your life and be willing to share them with others, but also be mindful and watchful of the little things that God does. Do not take them for granted. Thank God for giving you such great testimonies to share with others. People need to hear the little things. Miraculous healings and life saving/healing stories are awesome, but non-Christians do not think of the little things in their own lives where God steps in to care for them to lead them to the right path and to Him. He put us here with a commission and command of spreading the Gospels of Christ, and one way to do that is by sharing and connecting the little dots for them in a way that shows them we care, and that we have been through similar things. Not to gloat or act arrogantly. Simply sharing a minor testimony could intrigue someone as to wanting to know more. After all, is anything God does truly minor? I certainly do not believe so.

Love in Christ,


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